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TRUEHUNGERGAMES or Project: Mercury is a project developed by justImagine to give you the feel of becoming a Tribute in the Arena. If you've tried HungerGamesLite and QuarterQuellLite, then you would be familiar with the gameplay of TrueHungerGames. This is an advanced version of HungerGamesLite with first-person view, jungle backdrops, Cornucopia, and more intuitive interface and of course images of the events you get—definitely a lot more advanced than HungerGamesLite. Not to mention you can customize your stats first in the Training Days before going to the Arena to specialize your Tribute on certain battle stats.

The gameplay is also a lot more complicated! Not only Health should be kept intact now—you have to keep your Hunger and Thirst low while resting enough so you don't run out of Energy! There are also four battle stats instead of the three in the HGLite: Offense, Defense, Speed, and introducing Stealth! Speed and Stealth contribute to your chance of running away from an enemy if you're attacked!

Game is finished and is now version 1.2! You can enjoy it [ here ].

May the odds be ever in your favor.